24 Aug 2006

ukonline rocks!

we've been using ukonline for our ADSL at home because it was the cheapest when we first signed a 12 month contract (but they had to drop the price a month after we joined).

we started off with a 1Mbps for £14.99, and then after a month, they dropped the price of 2Mbps to £14.99! anyway, the one year contract is up, so i went online to see which number i should call to hassle them about upgrade. turns out that you can get upgraded in 4 steps on their web site. i did this yesterday night and tonight i already notice my connection is up to 2Mbps! awesome!

of course, this is nothing if you think about how 6 years ago i was using 3Mbps cable internet in australia for AUD$70/month, which is around £25/month, and you can get 100Mbps in HK for the same price.

now it only takes a measly 3 days to download all those DVDs instead of 6! (of course i'm kidding..)

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