24 Aug 2006

why rails on leopard?

matt webb has a pretty insightful article about what ruby on rails might mean on leopard. i doubt this will happen in leopard, but with the appearance of web snippets/dashcode and the news that tixe (python and webkit to enable quick app prototyping, kinda like dashboard on steroids) will be in webkit means that creating applications is just as important as using them for the mac.

in terms of a platform strategy, it is their way to gain market share. we all know why windows is able to maintain their monopoly, it is because they have a massive number of application developers. no matter how good and passionate mac developers are about their platform, there are probably more windows programmers than mac users.

although allowing html and javascript programmers to design full blown apps is a scary thought, then again, videos playing inside flash going mainstream was equally scary. stranger things have happened.

ps. i hadn't heard of tixe before now, but what a cool domain name, end.com and tixe, i suppose that is the reverse of exit?

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