12 Sep 2006

status: slight food poisoning, ds-lite and eczema

been slow on updates because i've just been far too busy with work.

on friday night, we celebrated andy's thesis submission (well, actually he celebrated on wednesday but he kept his submission a secret from me until friday.)

well, actually it was an excuse to go to a chinese restaurant called "dog & pheasant & saigon city restaurant" that is on chesterton high street. the food there wasn't too bad, except the portions were pretty small . we ordered like three starters and three mains for three people and the waitress wanted us to order more worried that we won't have enough food.

1. prawn on toast didn't have any prawns. and in fact tasted a little funny.
2. i had my classic fried wonton in sweet and sour sauce (錦露雲吞), and it was pretty good. hadn't had that for probably over a year!
3. had sweet and sour pork and not sweet and sour chicken!

but anyway, on saturday i was hit with a mild case of food poisoning. i wasn't sure whether it was lunch or dinner on friday, but one of them caused me to visit the toilet gods for extended periods of time. thank god i had my DS.

ds lite

which brings me to the next thing, i got a ds lite! it is so awesomely cool. i got it from ebuyer for a little over £100 including the new super mario bros. i've finished that game once but i haven't unlocked all the secret worlds yet. the mini games are very fun, however there is one where you have to blow into a microphone and it only works occasionally.

however, i need to send my ds lite in to nintendo (damn they won't pay for shipping) because it has a bright green stuck pixel on the bottom touch screen. its a little distracting but i'm trying to decide whether i will send it back or not. on one hand they will replace it with a new one, but on the other hand, am i really that bothered? i'll have to decide.

also, i've been thinking of getting one of those fancy supercard and superpass combos that some friends have been raving about. it costs about the price of a couple of games but then i can download some of the games which i'd never buy anyway, like tetris ds. and also use some homebrew stuff, and maybe even try the stuck pixel remover program.

i wonder if there is a nintendo ds game rental service somewhere.


over the weekend, something happened to my palms and they started to go very itchy and calluses started to appear. i'm pretty sure it isn't because i'm writing too much thesis :P but it is just really itchy and its spreading to the fingers.

so this morning i went to see the doctor and he told me it was eczema. so now i have some creamy hands and type precariously on the keyboard as not to spread that cream all over my powerbook.

the doctor said that there could be a number of causes, such as stress, genetics, allergic reaction. i've only just started having eczema thing from a couple of months ago, in which i blamed some of the weeds in the front yard for giving me. so maybe i'm allergic to something outside, even though i haven't done any gardening for a couple of weeks now.

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