05 Oct 2006

now i can really find who is using my code

google just released google code search, which is a search engine that just searches for things inside source code. practically zero used for non-geeks.

but now i can really find out what other projects use my code, starting from:


Menuet (i know about this one)
bezelTunes (i had no idea)
TotalDistance (what is this?)

ok, not that impressive, i actually privately know more by just otool'ing binaries when i'm bored. interesting that it knows my code is BSD licensed!


well, not many here, but what the hell, the first entry clearly says "For use under the BSD license" but google labels it LGPL.

What if I do a vanity search, I wonder how many times I'm mentioned?

well, turns out my name is for some reason on evolution's source code. and discovering patches i made in 2002! and i can't even remember when i did this to efsd, but note to anil, see, i remember Christian from somewhere!

oh what fun.

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