31 Oct 2006

struggle with comment spamming ended?

i've been eternally struggling with spam on this blog. and one thing that has worked in the last 3 months that has stopped spam comments (and possibly valid comments) is the fact i've added a ajax commenting system, that sends the comment to a different URL than what is in the <form> tag's "action" parameter.

maybe it is not worth a spammer's while to decode what my AJAX commenting system. i'd previously had an "elaborate system" to identify spam comments, which was to figure out the link to text ratio in a comment. people rarely just paste a URL in a comment, or even bother to post more than 2 URLs. so the spam detection would work out this ratio and determine whether it is spam or not.

the other thing i tried to add was the "flag this as spam" which i presumed if more than two people flagged the same comment as spam, it would be a good chance it was spam. however, i've not had many people click on those anyway, so that didn't work.

the system is "open source", in that it is part of my on again, off again project to build up a pre-fab blog, commenting, bookmarking app for django. but it has no documentation at all for the moment, but is working fine at least on this site, and two other blogs which will currently remain nameless :)

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