10 Nov 2006

heroes is the new lost

a lot of people are complaining that this season of lost is bad and it has been losing it's story continuity. but if people were listening last season to the producer's podcasts and interviews (ok, i'm a lost freak, so that is why i listen to these things), then you could remember that they said this season will be much more about the relationships between the people rather than the mystery and action of the last two seasons.

i thought season 3 episode 4 and 5 of lost were very good episodes. certainly up there with alot of the season 2. but i agree that the captivity story is getting a bit long, i hope they either get back to the island soon.

i've started watching some episode of heroes after listening to quite a bit of buzz about it, and it really is the new lost. it has a similar formula, a whole load of seemingly unconnected people who share a common fate, the fate that is they have super powers. and in some way they are connected. lots of hidden clues, lots of mysteries and even time travel thrown in for good measure.

i guess while lost is on a break until next year, that will be my replacement.

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