14 Nov 2006

skype out to united states toll free numbers

so apparently you can call US 1-800 numbers from skype out for free. i tried it, and it sucked.

anyway, the story goes is that the US VISA card apparently got "hacked" (maybe related to this story), or was involved in a compromised database. so the issuing bank reissued my VISA card. but the problem is that i'm not in the states, so i only just received the card and i need to activate this new card otherwise both my old card and new card will be cancelled. the implication is that i won't be able to buy things on itunes US. that would be a disaster!

there are two ways to activate the card, use it at an ATM or do it via phone banking. so i had to call this toll free number for phone banking. i decided to try it out from skype out. it turns out it misses the first 20 seconds of the call every time for some reason. and i turns out i miss out the language selection and the rest of the call is in spanish. hmmm...

maybe it is some weird interaction with the bank's automated phone system with skypeout, but i eventually just called it with a proper phone and got that damn thing done.

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