06 Dec 2006

powerbook back, sans hard disk

i've bought my powerbook back to life by taking it apart and ripping out the drive. so now my powerbook is back with a missing hard disk.

probably contrary to what i initially thought, i think the smoke that came out of my a/c adapter was actually from the vents right next to the hard drive. they were pretty close together so i couldn't quite tell where it was coming from.

the hard disk just makes a clunking sound an an interval of a 1-3 seconds continuously as it sounds like the drive head is trying to get out of the parking position but hitting something.

turns out, i have only lost around half a year worth of photos -- emm, all my germany photos that i hadn't uploaded to flickr or my website. damn it.

now the powerbook is back up and running but requires an external firewire drive to boot. i have three external hard drives and the only one free was a usb2 only. powerbooks do not boot off a usb2, so i've had to spend the day shifting files around to free up my external.

for now, my powerbook won't be as portable as it used to be, but at the very least i can do stuff on it. that means i'm in the market for a 80G 2.5" hard disk.

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