07 Dec 2006

powerbook really dead now

i guess i spoke too soon. not long after my previous blog post, my a/c adapter blew up. proper black smoke coming out of the adapter probably due to a short somewhere. so i broke down and ordered a macbook pro 15". i couldn't deal with any more crap coming from that powerbook.

it was only just celebrating it's third birthday two weeks ago. sigh. i might end up buying a new adapter for it later and turn it into some headless drone, or some neat hack project when i get some more time.

right now i'm looking forward to spanking fast macbook pro! i was holding back and waiting till macworld on 8th january before laying down the cash. since every year there are rumours about an apple ultra light pro laptop. it might really come true this year, although with the pretty solid rumour about the iphone, possibly launch of the apple itv and new ipods, i would be surprised if a redesigned pro laptop will also be released.

the honest truth is that i'm just trying to self re-enforce the idea that it isn't a stupid move to buy the macbook pro now.

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