20 Dec 2006

orange payg unlimited gprs

i just got back from a much needed break from cambridge. now catching up on email from all fronts, probably close to 10,000 emails unread from my 4+ email accounts.

unlimited orange GPRS for £1

one interesting thing, orange uk pay as you go has an interesting deal where you can use unlimited GPRS for up to 24 hours. it only costs you £1 (compared to £10 for 3MB or whatever crazy rate they charge) and is a life saver if you can't find any free wifi. it isn't very fast though, even though GPRS is supposed to get up to 300kb/s, i could only really get around 30kb/s and the ping times were around 700ms.

cool thing is after following this GPRS for Mac guide from Tao of Mac about how to set up my nokia, mac, bluetooth and GPRS, i was able to check mail and even do an svn checkout.

however, after playing around with GPRS for a while, my bluetooth modem connection on my mac stopped working after it complained about /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem as "resource busy." restarting the mac, the phone and re-adding the bluetooth device all failed to work.

the summary of trying to get it to work on a nokia 6600:

1. add the GPRS details on your phone, either get your provider to send you an setup SMS or punch in the details manually. i did it manually, like a man.
2. make the GPRS "access point" default on your phone.
3. add the bluetooth mobile phone in the "Bluetooth Preference Pane".
4. go to the "Network" in "System Preferences" and enable "Bluetooth" as a network device, then put in the number "*99#" and choose the script "Vodafone VC701SI"
5. Open "Internet Connect" and dial out.

yahoo mobile sucks?

orange has a deal with yahoo mobile search on their "front page" if you use the default homepage on your mobile browser. unfortunately, it took me 2 minutes to figure out that all search results that were returned was a yahoo server error page. meah.

free wifi on coaches?

one final thing, i was on the coach from london to cambridge, and apparently there is free wifi. however, it didn't work, the network was there, but no DHCP or outside access. it is supposedly managed by a company called Telabria. however, i went to their webpage on my mobile, and noticed that they just got bought out by some other company a week ago.

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