31 Dec 2006

the mysterious "duck tape"

i had to do some emergency repairs on new years eve, and thus i dropped by the local hardware store for some duct tape. turns out the only brand homebase had was the confusingly named, "duck tape".

 Common Graphics Products Duckproducts Productshots Item 49-1

turning to google and wikipedia, it turns out that duck tape is a brand of duct tape. or it is possible that duct tape used to be called duck tape but was renamed duct tape to make things confusing for consumers.

to make matters worse, apparently australians have not been exposed to the wonders of duct tape, and instead used the phrase "duct tape" to refer to an inferior quality tape that doesn't have the holding power of cotton threads!

finally, duct tape apparently comes in different colours, even a transparent one for when the silvery finish of everlasting holding power is not good enough for you.

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