31 Dec 2006

wifi on coaches between cambridge and london

after my blog post about the lack of working wifi on the coaches between cambridge and london, i was surprised to receive an email from Jim Baker at Moovera Networks about the status of the wifi on those coaches;

"The six month Wi-Fi trial that National Express was running has come to an
end but this very week we're configuring new units for installation on these
coaches, for permanent service on the same route. We expect to have these
installed during the first two weeks of January. "

firstly, i'm extremely impressed that someone involved with the project of putting wifi on coaches contacted me because of a short paragraph i wrote. i didn't even really rant, i just noted that it didn't work for me and that i had to use GPRS.

secondly, it is pretty cool that these will be permanent. but there is a problem where the seats don't have enough space for me to use my macbook pro comfortably. but it would make the 2 hour journey more enjoyable if i wasn't taking the trains.

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