12 Mar 2007

adizero pro

part of my loot from hong kong was a shiny new pair of running shoes known as adizero pro.

Adizero Pro
yes, the colour is hot-pink, or can be more masculine-ly described as red-orange. these shoes are incredible, not because they have a computer inside them like the adidas1, or nike+. but they are incredibly light. you really have to feel them to understand. they're nearly as light as my pair of slippers. in fact, the soles are really thin and the shoe is made out of this really light thin fabric called adiprene -- which i have no idea about.

these shoes have now removed the only excuse i've had to take up running. so for the last two days, i've started going out for a run when i feel mentally stressed out so that i can at least get away from my work and just stress myself out physically.

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