12 Mar 2007


at the beginning of the year, i had a began to feel really stressed out by constant connectivity. i started unconsciously making myself more scarce and less online. checking email less frequently, working offline more, less IMing, less IRCing, etc.

the result was that more and more stuff was getting piled up and every time i came online to check mail or IM, i would get more and more stuff in my inboxes making me even more afraid of checking mail.

i've recently noticed the problem and actively trying to find ways around it. reducing the number of commitments i have is one thing that i'm working to achieve. deliberately taking myself offline and lowering the expectation of a speedy reply also works.

but really, the solution is to start implementing ways to deal with this stressful information and attention overload. one thing i've started looking at is getting things done, this methodology of keeping on top of this overload.

the idea is to really move things that need your attention from a huge queue into many smaller queues which you can act on in spurts. the challenge is to make these small queues meaningful. like for instance, you would make a queue for things that you need to "email", or "research", etc. and then you deal with those queues in spurts of 15-30 minutes. having the knowledge that those tasks will be done some time later is nice -- but i still need to schedule time to deal with them.

i'm still experimenting on how it can work for me, until it really figure it out, i'm still afraid of checking email frequently or being online on IM. argh.

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