12 Mar 2007

r4 for nintendo ds

another cool bit of kit i got in hong kong was the R4 card for the nintendo ds. this is very similar to the ds-xtreme card which can play homebrew (and pirated *ahem* backup games) on the nintendo ds out of slot 1 (eg, the DS slot, and not the GBA slot.)

nice thing is that it has a microSD slot so unlike the ds-x, you're not restricted to 512MB. the most amazing thing is that i got this for HK$310 with a 1GB microSD and USB adapter included. that translates to about £20.

apart from playing games on it, it runs moonshell, so technically you can display photos and videos. i've got neither of those to work yet, but i haven't given it much time at all. the video encoding seems to be very windows centric, but i have found a script that claims to allow ffmpeg to encode videos suitable for playing on my DS. once i get some free time, i'm going to try getting that to work.

the main attraction for me really is the ability to fit many games on to one physical card. however, i don't know how to "backup" my saved games data from the real DS games. i don't want to have to replay all those levels in mario kart, brain age and new super mario bros.

one downside of buying it in HK though, the card itself is locked to the chinese kernel, so i can't get the english version of moonshell and kernel to run on it. i'm not sure why, although it doesn't bother me too much.

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