14 Mar 2007

twitter and tumblr

as an experiment i started a tumblr blog to see what the fuss is about. tumblr is really the lowest friction rapid fire blog tool that makes things ultra easy -- even easier than vox. let's see how long i keep this up.

the other thing that is all the rage right now is twitter, which is basically the unix "wall" command, but for the internet! well, ok, it is closer to the .plan file for unix finger.

it isn't really that fun at the moment because i don't follow many people, nor do many follow me. but its cute for myself to look at and say, oh yeah, 2 days ago i tried to make a pizza while i was on the verge of starvation.

my way of explaining twitter:

twitter is to instant messaging what mailing lists is to email.

right now it's a tad slow. maybe all this hype for it isn't that great. someone needs to make a spotlighted twitter page so that i can be "friends" with interesting people.

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