09 Apr 2007

weekly blog update

the first (and possibly last) installment of the weekly update.

1. lack of blog activity. yeah, i've been kinda busy with work, and pretend work. i also haven't been out and about enough to blog about anything interesting. but there is another reason ...

2. tumblr. i've been enjoying using tumblr because it really is blogging stripped down to the bare minimum. no friction, and much more fun. the highlight for me is the super easy interface to add a link to an image on a page. it automatically grabs thumbnails of the page in question and its just a matter of click-click-click (3 seconds for a post). no copying urls, resizing, etc. check out my tumblr log here. one day i'll integrate the posts into this main blog. but right now it's two separate things, this one for more substantial posts (that take me more than 30 minutes to write), the tumblr for random links, images and pictures that i come across.

3. jaiku. so after the initial twitter high -- leo laporte's move to jaiku basically introduced a whole load of people to a personal status/location aggregator that is even better than twitter. unlike twitter, jaiku started off as a location reporter tool, and the status messaging and rss aggregating features came later. the bonus for jaiku is the series 60 (nokia) client that recognises gsm cells and bluetooth devices to guess common locations. my jaiku page is here. but i'm still gonna be using twitter.

otherwise, nothing much has been happening. ceiling developed a weird wet patch discoloration over the weekend, but has dried over the weekend leaving a weird patch near where i would put a TV if i had enough money to buy one.

managed to have some decent chinese food in canary wharf. was it worth the price? yeah the service wasn't bad and all the plates were elevated with golden plate raising thingies. i wish i took a picture.

finally, i'll leave you with a photo that you'll only find in an multi-mac household:


guess who's apple remote is who's?

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