11 Apr 2007

definition of "unlimited" HSDPA

our internet connection had died for a little less than 24 hours yesterday. so this morning i've been curious about how much it would cost to have an unlimited HSDPA (3G Data) plan. turns out that vodafone has an unlimited data plan with a Mac compatible USB dongle for £45/month (expensive!!).

three has this new thing called x-series that is an add-on to an new/existing plan that gives you "unlimited" data for £5/month. you can only currently sign up for an nokia E65 that costs a total of £40/month (hong kong three has a choice of 7 phones, and australian three allows you to sign up on an x-series on any phone). HOWEVER, if you look at the terms and conditions, their definition of "unlimited" is 1GB!! (again, australian three is quite clear that you can only use 1GB, uk advertising regulators should really crack down on this "unlimited" false advertising.)

that is why in their terms and conditions, they do not officially allow you to use the E65 as a modem, even though you can reportedly do it and on the mac too.

UPDATE: after talking with anil on friday, i've pointed out that the nokia N95 is the most amazing phone that is current shipping with GPS + 3G + HSDPA + GSM + 5MP Camera + Music Player + WiFi (b/g) + Bluetooth 2.0 + etc. he seems to really like t-mobile's web'n'walk data plans which again is advertised as "unlimited". again, in their terms and conditions, this is 1GB fair use policy.

UPDATE 2: however, if you pay an extra £10 for the (web'n'walk plus) you get 3GB (still advertisted as unlimited) and then an extra £5 more will get you the (web'n'walk max) that will give you 10GB/month. and of course, you can pay-per-use at £1/day which gives you 40MB/day. damn it is a complicated world.

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