17 Apr 2007

serious doubts about listing anything with ebay

some time last month, i tried to sell my refurbished 12" powerbook on ebay uk. i had to list it two times and both times i was a victim of an attempted scam using the "buy it now" option.

the first one was a buyer with no feedback attempting to get my to ship the item to south africa even though his/her account was in germany even after i had explicitly said i would only ship to within the uk. i refused to do this and filed a dispute and was refunded the commission ebay charged, but was not refunded the insertion fees. (turns out he/her was a scammer later on)

then the second time, i was approached by a person who asked whether he could buy it for £400. although he was unclear at the time, it turned out he wanted to buy it outside of ebay privately (even more dodgy). instead of doing that, i reduced the "buy it now" price to £400 and sent him a message about it. before he could act (or maybe he was part of the scam) another bidder took up the £400 offer. within 3 hours, i had been paid through paypal and then had the payment withdrawn immediately.

ebay cancelled the auction completely (you can't actually get to the auction page at all) and there was no trace of the auction apart from emails i have from ebay stating that the auction was cancelled due to suspected fraud on the bidder's account. this time they refunded the insertion fees, but not the commission on the sale.

fast forward to now, after 4 weeks, and about 10 emails back and forth with ebay, i still haven't gotten back the commission they charged despite them canceling the auction. worse yet, each one of their support rep would email me saying that the refund request will happen any minute now, and every time i wait a couple of days after their email and find out that it still hasn't been refunded.

until they refund the over charged fees (and even after), i will not list anything on ebay any more. i encourage you all to do the same. i'm thinking of just selling it privately via craigslist or some thing else.

anyone want to suggest any other way i can get rid of my 12" PowerBook 1GHz?

[UPDATE 20/4:
finally ebay has refunded my fees, after exactly a month after i listed.]

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