20 Apr 2007

privacy schmivacy


here's a screengrab of my google search history (now web history) for the last year. you know, people are always concerned about their privacy, but this doesn't reveal anything more than what people already know about me through my blog. interesting points notes:

1. gmail is my top search?? emm, maybe because i'm always lazy and just type gmail in the address bar rather than gmail.com.

2. sqlalchemy is second because i was doing some work before using it. but despite all the gloss of abstracted SQL queries in python syntax, SQL feels more flexible and easier to write to me.

3. alastair tse and liquidx are obviously vanity searches. i don't search for myself THAT much, do i?

4. matplotlib, multimarkdown and docutils all have to do with my writing my phd thesis. i don't use latex directly where i can avoid it, so my thesis is totally written in multimarkdown with my own concocted ini file format that converts to bibtex. docutils was there because i was struggling with restructuredText for a while until i gave up.

5. the shebang. i don't search for this directly at all, but my album art widget searches for this because every time i listen to something in itunes, it was set to search google for artwork.

6. apache derby. because their documentation sucks compared to mysql and postgresql.

7. ieeexplore.ieee.org. my primary source of research papers.

8. wikipedia.org, why would you go anywhere else for information?

9. java.sun.com, docs.python.org, developer.apple.com, dev.mysql.com - heh, i've been a hard working hacker, haven't i?

10. www.apple.com. uh oh, my secret has been outted, i go to their website every day to pray in the church of steve jobs.

11. infantile paralysiser. that is the site for the moonshell application that is on my NDS. i've been always meaning to hack on that. every time i got to that website, i say, "god i wish i spent more time learning japanese." that also happens when i try to read cooking instructions off yummy japanese food.

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