21 May 2007

the battle of algiers

watched an old film over the weekend called "The Battle of Algiers". it is a portrayal of the battle of independence for algeria against their french colonialists. despite being filmed in the 1966, it is a very poignant and memorable movie about the struggles with both carrying out guerilla warfare and defending against such attacks.

the movie illustrates how the motivation of a small, ill-equiped but dedicated terrorist can carry out their attacks and the brutal response by the french which only does more to infuroriate the previously agnostic bystanders. a good dose of torture by the french to "extract information" and the inhumane attack on civilian targets draws stirring parallels with the situation in iraq.

one of the most memorable quotes in the movie is when the leader of the resistance tells his underling on how to win a revolution:

Acts of violence don't win wars. Neither wars nor revolutions. Terrorism is useful as a start. But then, the people themselves must act. That's the rationale behind this strike: to mobilize all Algerians, to assess our strength.

watch the trailer on their official website. it was nominated for an oscar in 1967 AND 1969, although the trailer really doesn't do it justice.

Battle Of Algiers

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