11 Jun 2007

thoughts on leopard (+iphone)

another wwdc keynote has come and gone. i haven't read the general reaction from the "community", but what i've read from engadget sounds like a pretty good keynote. i wasn't expecting much since there is supposed to be only a couple of "top secret" features left that was going to be announced.

i love the new finder -- love the "touched today and touched yesterday" shortcuts, love the new coverflow view, love quicklook.
i love the new itunes-variant of the unified look.
i love the new time machine (i'll probably get an airport base station and plug my lacie as soon as leopard comes out.)
i love the new smart address, dates and phone number detection in apple mail.
i love the new spaces (virtual desktop) (still not better than beryl on linux)
i love the new 64 bit os (so geeky)
i love the new web clips (pandering to the widget authoring side of myself)
i love the new dock.
i love the iphone safari engine as an SDK (stop whining, it is better than writing java!)
i love the new dvd player.
i love the new "find inline" feature in safari (yes, firefox had it years ago)
i love the new xray and xcode developer tools. (dtrace on osx!)
i love core-animation. it's like prototype.js for cocoa. haha, just kidding.

i feel indifferent to boot camp (parallels is so much more useful)
i feel indifferent to stacks.
i feel indifferent to mail templates.
i feel indifferent to safari on windows (why? there must be some secret reason for this.)
i feel indifferent to $129 for leopard, i'm going to buy it just like i did for tiger.
i feel indifferent to dashcode.

i don't like the new frontrow - i like the old front row theme better, or even centerstage!
i don't like safari 3 with css rendered controls like buttons and text fields (but i'll get over it.)
i don't like the rss feeds in mail, but i expect some do.

i expected .mac to be set "free" and partner with google, didn't happen.
i expected ilife 07, didn't happen.
i expected more dashboard innovations, like multiple dashboards, didn't happen (and great for apple for sticking to simplicity!)
i expected ZFS, after the leak from SUN. but that didn't happen.

all in all, seems like a net-win for me. woohoo, now i have to wait till october.

and btw, i love the new apple.com theme, and their gratuitous use of the lightbox effect.

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