19 Jun 2007

python 3000 (aka python 3.0) highlights

python is going through a major overhaul for 3.0, long referred to in the mailing lists as py3k. guido van rossum took the time to summarize the new features. this is a backwards compatibility breaking release, so in parallel they will be releasing python 2.6 to introduce all these new features via the much loved from __future import *.

i'm particularly excited about:
  • the full unicode support
  • lambda STAYING
  • new print formatting changes
  • 1/2 returns 0.5
  • better exception syntax: try, except, finally working as expected
  • no more backtick syntax
there are new bits for everyone, for instance optional type decorators for method parameters and return values just so that things like pylint, pychecker could warn you about type conflicts (maybe) and certain "enterprise"-y features from java such as abstract base classes and the extension of metaclasses. i never got my head around metaclasses.

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