27 Jun 2007

i got a nintendo wii

Wii and Samsung TV

after weeks of planning, i managed to snag a nintendo wii from game.co.uk. turns out when i tried to buy it, amazon uk had stopped shipping nintendo wii's directly and forwarding requests to other providers who are in their amazon marketplace (it has resumed shipping them now). game.co.uk had stock and shipped instantly, i got it within two days.

the uk version of the console comes with wii sports, but i also got the wii play + wii remote game only cost a little more than a wii remote. the wii play isn't brilliant, but it is a nice addition. the one in the picture is the pool game you can play with your wii.

one of the bummers is that my flat is too small, so on certain games your wiimote comes precariously close to the screen.

my wii code is : 0639-4822-9124-8655. i don't know what to do with it yet, but it would be fun to see other people's mii parade. we've only made a pair of mii's to play, i don't understand why you would create more unless people visit :)

the web browser is pretty slick, opera powered. you can watch youtube videos on it, watch a flickr slide show, and someone has already made a landing page for playing youtube videos. there are heaps of stuff you could do with making wii specific version of pages to consume content on the net or even on your local machine. think about creating a web app that runs locally on a mac to serve out music from your itunes library and encode them in on the fly. i wonder if someone has already done that.

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