10 Aug 2005

triple phd?

i forgot to talk about this on my york trip. but when we were heading back to cambridge, we sat next to an asian guy. he started chatting to us because we were asian and students as well. it turns out he is Doctor Doctor Rethy K. Chhem. it's doctor doctor because he has two phds, one in medicine and another in comparative education! it also turns out that he is doing is third phd! so i think it is illegal for him to enter germany, because they only have a title for people with two phds, but nothing for three!

anyway, this guy turns out to be quite cool. he's doing a phd in medicinal history, on looking at 12th century medicine in south east asia. pretty kick ass! i asked him which phd is the hardest, he said it is the first one because you have so much pressure, the second one is easy! well, he didn't say it was easy, but he did say that some people fix motorbikes as a hobby, he likes to do phds.

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09 Aug 2005

aircraft carrier?

kieran posted this on our procrastination channel, which i thought more than geeks would appreciate:

 Wikipedia Commons Thumb F Fe Atlantis On Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.Jpg 770Px-Atlantis On Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

this is how they're going to get the space shuttle from california to florida. in case you didn't know, the space shuttle returned to earth this morning.

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09 Aug 2005

google news in rss/atom

finally! google news now can be viewed as an rss or atom feed!

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09 Aug 2005

york, uk

went up to york last sunday. york is such a nice place compared to cambridge. less congested, wider spaces, better kept, (maybe) less tourists! here's a brief summary:

here's the nice gothic style arches near the theatre royal!


there are horses, just like outside central park in new york. except they don't smell as bad!


it seems like every old uk city has these copper models of the city. ok, well, my sample size is two, york and cambridge:


you can take the train to the train museum, except its not actually a train. i didn't go, but i wonder if it is also a museum?


they have a nice big clock here, but it tells the time in madagascar:


some artist took over an abandoned church and made it into a piece of artwork:


of course, if the prince visits you, you have to commemorate that with a plaque. what the..


here's a nice bridge from the chemisty department to the york university library, it looks kinda cool, except when you actually walk on it, its kinda shoddy:


inside york university, you have to seek enlightenment, of course, you can always take the easy way out and ask mr. buddha here:


seeking enlightenment can be quite taxing, you can eat at the ali-g edible foodstuff dealership?


finally, in modern times, the city gates have been replaced by bollards.


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09 Aug 2005


so here are the promised photos of llamas:

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08 Aug 2005

thorpe park

i went to thorpe park on saturday which is an amusement park plus a farm (creatively named thorpe farm) on the outskirts of london. the rides were decent but short. the size of the park is nowhere near the scale of things in japan (the last amusement park i was at -- and i'm pretty sure not as big as anything you can find in the united states either.)

i didn't really enjoy my time there because i was sleep deprived (we got up at 6am to catch a mini bus there), had a misbehaving stomach, and generally unconscious! maybe i'm just too old for amusement parks now.

however, i did get to see some llamas!!! crap, i don't have my camera with me so i can't post any photos, but will do as soon as i get it back.

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05 Aug 2005

ha .. apparently i'm unreasonable!

well, i guess thats the end of the line. all passengers please get off.

life is so much easier when you don't have to give a fuck about some idiots who think that they are better than you. of course, i'm also a bastard for pulling someone's network cable when they weren't at home beacuse their bittorrent was killing our ADSL connection and i couldn't work. my ping times were going through the roof at over 500ms.

and he's so mad because he was downloading some critical brain surgery instructions over bittorrent, and i managed to slow him down for another hour or so. but then again, that file name of HORNY_CAREY_DOES_BRAIN_SURGERY.XViD.DVDRip.[TS].avi.torrent might not have been legit anyway.

and of course, if you plan to go down to london, please get permission from him, because if you don't, you're not giving anyone any respect. its kinda funny when you hear someone who is so unreasonable talk about respect.

(oh yeah, btw, i'm taking back what i said about hoping they forgive me -- i don't think someone that unreasonable would ever able to work up something callde forgiveness for anyone)

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03 Aug 2005

thank you for not passing gas!

i don't normall click on banner ads, but this one i saw when i was reading dlibert is just brilliant. it is about not passing gas! you can even print your own door sign!


the site itself (after the click through - cha-ching for dilbert!) is a fart-joking way of telling you not to fart, and how dangerous it is to children and family members. no - actually, i don't know what the point of the public service announcement is -- i think it has something to do with smoking, or lighting your fart on fire. i don't know which. (warning: flash required)

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03 Aug 2005

the motorcycle diaries

tonight i watched the motorcycle diaries that is supposed to tell the story about the life of che guevara, a figure (?) in the cuban (communist?) revolution.

the story barely touches on communism and such, but it actually made quite an impression on me. however big our problems seem to us to be, there are many people in this world who are in situations many thousand times worse off.

it makes my own problems seem so insignificantly inconsequential (is that a double negative or do i just suck at english?) .. strangely that is so calming when i have so much on my mind. maybe i should become a communist -- or am i already because i contribute to open source projects? hehehe ..

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