02 Aug 2005

hypocritial hippos

you know what, i'm a hypocrite. and i know it. and to prevent me from being such a huge hypocrite, i try to constantly look at what i do from other people's perspective.

but what i've discovered is that i've totally ignored what my own opinions are. my world revolves around opinions that people near and far from me give me. i've been reduced to someone who just "goes with the flow" or the more pop-culture term, "what-eva!"

recently i've been in a position that i had to think for myself, as opposed to all the other situations that just needs me to sit around and wait for things to happen. only recently did i realise decisions that i made a long time ago were illogical and that any self-respecting logical person would think i was mad.

i just feel very uncomfortable making my own decisions especially when it affects others, makes others life more difficult. that is why my motto is always "suen la" (算啦). in english, it's roughly translated to "ignore it and it'll go away." every time a decision comes up, i put it off. and more and more these undecided decisions just pile up and you have to deal with it sooner or later.

now that i've dealt with it, i feel pretty bad because i've had to take the selfish road and do what is best for myself. i hope that maybe people i'm hurting or going to hurt will forgive me, or maybe they won't, and then maybe i'll be condemned to the depths of hell (if i believe such place exists.)

at least i know that windows spyware is the least of my problems in hell :) -- btw, what was the point of this post? ...

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01 Aug 2005

australia: sex worse than guns

gta san andreas has been in the news recently because of the hidden interactive sex scene which has caused it to be reclassified in the united states. in uk, it was already classified as 18+, so there's been less of a furore.

however, in australia, they've gone for an outright ban. so there you have it, in australia, polygonal sex is worse than a killing spree involving police and innocent pedestrians.

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31 Jul 2005

gambling scientologist

i find the location of this scientology store front and the casino quite ironic. given that both of them leech money out of people's pockets and give them false hope. this was on tottenham court road.


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31 Jul 2005

tourist season in full swing!

went down to london on saturday to visit a good friend i haven't seen for a while now! while walking around, i spotted a large group of CHINESE tourists queuing up outside burberry! there were kids waiting for their brand-name touting parents to rush in to buy as much burberry as possible. poor kids! at least they had their game boys to keep them company.


i hope this post won't end up my louis vuitton post where people are actually asking where to buy hand bags!

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31 Jul 2005

double lamp post issue resolved

the mystery of the double lamp post outside my lab has been resolved. this week i've seen guys taking down the shorter lamp post. i suppose its just that they never got around to taking down the older lamp posts.


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28 Jul 2005

free wifi illegal in uk

ha! apparently you can get fined £500 and 12 months jail if you use someone elses UNSECURED wifi! soon they will be prosecuting people who accidentally hear music from someone elses hifi because they forgot to close the windows! or better yet, accidentally watching someone elses' tv from their uncurtained windows.

i'm pretty sure having an open access point supports international terrorism. (btw, does mentioning this word get me subscribed to some CIA rss newfeed?)

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26 Jul 2005

weekend in review (part 2)

southwold isn't actually very south. so we went there to celebrate andy rice's birthday. or in other words, we were drinking close to adnams and the seaside.

by the time we got there, they had already completed one round of drinking and a game of golf. southwold is a very nice place, very laid back coastal town, nothing like cambridge. knowing andy rice, you'd basically imagine a nigght being mainly about beer. and it was so. because the pub was near the coast, we were under instructions to prevent him from swimming after drinking! and boy did he come close, constantly asking me whether i had seen the sea or not. being australian, i think i've seen the sea before! and this was no bondi beach (a constant taunt from them -- asking me whether the beach looked like bondi or not.)

so here is what the beach looked like in the morning. as traditional (apparently) would have it, we all had to go for a swim despite it only being around 15C or so -- i suppose that is a "warm" day here. funnily enough, no one on the beach were dumb enough to replicate our feat.

so we went for a 10 minute swim out in the sea where the only thing that resembled bondi was the fact it had water, the surf was choppy and there was a pub near by :) i could of stayed in there longer if it wasn't for the fact that i got the most complete foot massage ever by the stones/pebbles on the beach.


if you forgot about the stones, southwold beach is actually quite pretty with their beach-bling:


the beach was hella windy, and i bet you'd never see anyone in australia attempting to sit on a beach just because they could tell their friends they did! these people decided that they stick on the beach no matter how ridiculous they looked:


but of course, i saved the best for last. you definitely know that the british have huuuggeee groins, because you are advised not to swim near them:


but thank god they have services to tend to their fannys:


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26 Jul 2005

weekend in review (part 1)

woah, what a hectic weekend!

firstly, we went to hopper's annual bbq party at his house, or should i say mansion? anyway, the party was organised by one of the many companies that hopper is on the board of. i think this time it was CBL - cambridge broadband. there were heaps of kids toys like jumping castle, robotic surfboard, face painting and candy floss.

the food was a bit limited, but that was because it was a bbq. they more than made up for it with heaps of dessert!


anyway, straight afterwards, ali and i went and on 2-3 hour ride east of cambridge to southwold. the drive took us through suffolk, where i've finally figured out how the british name their roads. in britain, they have roads named Mxx, Axx, Axxxx, Bxxxx (in order of size.) Mxx are dual carriageways (maybe multi-lane.) in australia, they would be called "freeways." Axx are the next step down, where they may or may not be dual carriage way, usually only one or two lanes per direction. however, these ones are quite wide. in australia, these would be called "highways." then come the Axxxx, these ones are basically fancy names for "road." and when i say road, it is basically wide enough to fit maybe two family cars side by side. finally, there are the Bxxxx which you'd call a "back alley." these roads are two way, but they not only allow people to park on the side of them, there are 90 degree turns everywhere, tall green hedges delineating the road from the farm and also it is just about wide enough for a small truck to go through. now i understand why the british think of the mini cooper as their symbolic car!

why did we have to go to southwold? .. all will be revealed in the next post ..

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25 Jul 2005

calvin's friendster blog

well, in case anyone who is still reading my blog in australia (ahem -- i thought i scared most of you off with my geeky posts in the last month), calvin has a new blog at friendster blog.

he did mention that he couldn't update his blog without it sending all his friendster-friends an email. i just got 3 this morning from friendster about his single blog entry. what the hell is going on there??

calvin, if you like, i can host a blog for you so you don't have to use friendster's crappy spam blog. anyway, in the meantime, i've put you on my sidebar! woohoo, i haven't updated that in ages now. anyone else i know who has a blog?

btw, calvin's blog is all about his own self centred life. mostly about him playing poker, getting buff and sleeping. the formula for his blog is quite simple, add one part complaining, 3 teaspoons of "hehehe" and one part optimistic complaining :) (btw, that is quite similar to my blog)

anyway, did i mention that friendster is the slowest web app on this planet? those guys wouldn't know database design if it hit them in the face and then screamed at them for an hour. i was trying to set my prefs to get rid of those spam emails because i've already got calvin's blog syndicated on my RSS reader, but i couldn't find the option, and had to wait 3 minutes per page load.

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