24 May 2005

less annoying commenting system

i've taken 10 minutes of my time to write a patch for drupal's commenting system to allow me to throttle user comments by host name and time. so if the same host posts two comments with not enough time in between them, it'll quarantine their comments. so those people who just post one comment should be ok, this should reduce the amount of spam for now.

i'll probably have to install the spam module again and actually filter out per hosts and even per content. most spam comments have around 100 links or so. i wonder if there is a module to filter out regex's from my referrers list as well.

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23 May 2005

trinity formal hall

went to trinity formal hall on saturday. even though they're such a rich college, they still can't make any decent food. we had some assortment of artichokes and olives for appetizers (uurk!), bread (highlight of the night), barbecue spare ribs that tasted like char siu (叉燒), some yellow round block of cold material that was later confirmed to be cous cous, some salad cream that hid walnuts and celery, plus for dessert, a cake with with banana flavoured things and custard.

like most posh eating places, their service was nearly non-existent. we were missing a set of knives and forks after some seat shuffling and they refused to give us any, so i had to climb over to a bunch of empty eats and BYO.

odd thing was that it was a saturday night, and there were only 5 fellows on the high table (no, it's not that they eat marijuana there), in fact they finished before we had finished our main course. they were either eating the same thing as ours and left in protest, or they were planning to go to maccas for a top up.

all in all, it was nice seeing how trinity treats their students. lucky they have voluptuous rooms and facilities to more than make up for their lack of quality in food.

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23 May 2005

SNAFU update

i've restored some of my posts from a backup i had (eg. restored from the web cache of one of the many machines i use.)

[UPDATE: amazingly, i also found some of my lost posts in google's cache! on the flip side, you can see how my site was completely open for people to edit, even by googlebot! search for "www.liquidx.net/node/843" and you'll know what i mean.]

however, the comments have been lost, and i know at least one post that is missing. but worry not, i think that post just said i installed tiger the other day. the value of that post is very close to zero. oh and there's one that got me linked on little-gamers, i lost that one too. grr!

so i've you're reading this thru an RSS reader, sorry about all the rss spam in the last 48 hours or so. everything should be back to normal now. i blame it all on the new star wars movie.

finally, i'm so embarassed about this site being screwed over this weekend. especially since it is the first weekend in a long time where my first 5 referrers were not spam sites!

note to spammers: i'm still not going to allow you to look at my referrer statistics no matter how many times you try. even trying every minute of the day will not make me relent. those 404's will keep on coming.

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22 May 2005

SNAFU! liquidx.net gets anal probed.

yeah yeah, i've screwed up. you might of seen a whole load of posts corrupted yesterday. some juvenile kids from roguenl.demon.nl and somewhere in belgium decided it was funny to remove all my posts on the front page.

problem stems for the fact i've been trying to find ways to secure some of the posts that i want to be private. so i've been playing with a contributed module for drupal called taxonomy_access. turns out that it was more trouble than it was worth. one was that it didn't do what i wanted to do, and second, was that because there were so many different permissions, i accidentally made all my posts world writable.

so i've just deleted all the posts that i think have been compromised, not that it really matters because of the low levels of intelligence in those posts. some comments were also deleted as well. that'll teach me to not have a staging site in the future and regular backups of my database :P

i'm going to sit out in the sun and cry, possibly fire up the bbq just to piss some people off, and to literally "let off some steam."

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18 May 2005

official little gamers nokia wallpaper!

there's a cool nokia wallpaper thats in the works at little gamers! i've been wallpaper less after my phone reset a couple of days ago :(

 Img Cell Picture

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11 May 2005

hard reset for nokia phones

at least for my 6600, it is *#7370#. then it'll ask for your lock code, which usually is 12345. do this and you'll lose all your contacts, sms's, tunes, pics, etc. but at least you get a clean phone to use again.

mine keeps on crashing for no apparent reason, so maybe a hard-reset will help.

[UPDATE: so after eliminating nearly everything from my phone, it turns out that iSync Agent for Nokia Series 60v2 is causing the crashes on my phone! Every time I turn on my Nokia 6600, it will beep a couple of times followed by the dialog box "App. Main Closed." The phone boots up fine, but is noticably less stable. Eg. spontaneously rebooting. I've resorted to turning off the iSync Agent until just before I need to use iSync, and also getting it not start up on boot.]

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11 May 2005

nokia's sensor - free sms over bluetooth?

not quite sure what the make of this. on one hand it is basically its a bluetooth bulletin board thing. i assume what happens is that one phone will query to see if anyone is running the "sensor service" and then when it does, it just goes and pulls down an image and some text off it and displays it.


anyway, it runs on series 60 phones, so maybe i'll try it out for a while to see what i can hack on it ;) download it, learn more about it.

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10 May 2005

the attack of the housing committee

so on saturday i organised a party for my housemate which involved a barbecue in our back yard. well, when i say backyard, it is actually a big common lawn with some trees. we have a small patio around 3m by 2m outside that is laid with concrete. it's kinda obvious where our patio end and where the common lawn area starts.

anyway, so we were having this bbq on our patio, and then near the end of it, some guy who i assume is the president of the housing committee of the place we live in comes down for a friendly chat. or so i thought!

this two faced slimeball comes around and chats saying how wonderful it smells and etc, then proceeds to tell me that actually we're not allowed to bbq in our own patio. ok, thats fine, he said it in the way that seemed like he thought the rule was unfair. he told me specifically to continue "because it smells so nice". i didn't know if it was sarcastic or what, no one else at the party thought it was. little did i know that this morning, we get a complaint letter from this same guy about our bbq!

firstly, this guy deliberately came down the stairs from the second floor and then walked all the way around the block to find us (because he lives on the second floor and the entrance is on the other side of the block, so he'd have to walk all the way around the block just to pretend to be walking pass for a leisurely stroll. in fact, i've never seen him leisurely stroll in the garden at all.

secondly, this guy then proceeds to slip a letter thru our letter box this morning to complain to us that we had a bbq and that it violated some sort of agreement also an attached letter that i assume he wants us to hand to our landlord telling him that we're been bad boys and need a good spanking. i don't know what the hell he and the committee. on one hand he comes around telling us the rule, and then tells us to continue, then 2 days later comes around crying and complaining that we had too much fun.

why are these people so two faced? he acts all civil and nice and accommodating, then when you're not looking, or when he doesn't have to face you, he secretly slips a lame letter to us telling us that we've been bad and we deserve to go to hell.

what is wrong with these people? they're just jealous that they don't live on the ground floor with all the ants and easy access for thieves and the ability to bbq when we want.

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09 May 2005

missing speedup in tiger

i was going through the huge review from arstechnica on mac os x 10.4. the most interesting bit of the review (imo) starts all the way into page 14 where they describe the new quartz 2d extreme, the successor to quartz extreme that we saw in jaguar and panther.

basically, in normal people's terms, they've moved even more drawing responsibilities to the graphics card, so you get even faster graphics! however, one caveat is that it isn't enabled by default on 10.4.0. so to enable it, you'll have to open "Quartz Debug" that is in your Development tools and enable Quartz 2D Extreme.

i notice that scroll is a little faster in safari/shiira when it is turned on, i wonder if it is the placebo effect, or if it is really that text rendering is 3x faster!

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08 May 2005

private test

this is a private test

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