06 May 2005

web design updated

yes, it has been updated. all my sites have finally followed suit. i've switched to using phptemplate as that is going to be the default templating engine for drupal. i've also made an offline rendering version that just reads text files for input so that i can generate them statically and upload them to any site, even those that don't support PHP.

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06 May 2005

dell lcd screens demo'ed with mac osx?

take a look at this site at dell and notice that on the screen, they are running mac os x rather than windows xp?

 Sna Images Products Large A0430029

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03 May 2005

tiger ssh hang bug

for some peculiar reason, the openssh that ships with tiger hangs for a minute when trying to connect to a remote host. it is most certainly stuck doing some DNS lookup, as running it verbose-verbose-verbose mode hangs for a minute at:

debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_4.0

debug1: match: OpenSSH_4.0 pat OpenSSH*
debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0
debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.8.1p1
debug3: Trying to reverse map address xxx.xxx.xxx.xx.

i've tried doing all sorts of things, like running it through gdb, etc, and nailed it down to some weird interaction with kerberos/gssapi as it seems to stall inside that function. but trying everything i could, i still couldn't get it to give up on gssapi.

so i ran tcpdump to check out what it was actually trying to look up, and to my surprise, it is actually some rendezvous/bonjour bullshit that is hanging the process: > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: S 1748956853:1748956853(0)
xxx.xxx.org.ssh > S 953993813:953993813(0) ack 1748956854 > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: . ack 1
xxx.xxx.org.ssh > P 1:49(48) ack 1 > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: P 1:25(24) ack 49 > teh.intraweb.domain: 46195+ SRV? _telnet._tcp.xxx.xxx.org. (49)

as you can see, it's looking doing service discovery using _telnet._tcp.xxx.xxx.org, which is a zeroconf thing. why it is doing that and hanging while doing that, i have no idea. i haven't found anyone reporting similar problems so far, so it must be something dodgy on my side, but i still haven't found anything so far that points to me mucking about with system files.

right now, my workaround is to install ssh using fink which is working fine. grr..

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02 May 2005

dashboard widgets development

i've been hacking on dashboard widgets over the weekend. no i don't want anotehr webcam viewer or crappy clock. i've been experimenting with writing cocoa plugins for dashboard widgets. its turned out quite frustrating given inaccuracies with apple's documentation.

i'll probably write a quick tutorial with some hints after i finish. but for the record, those people who can't get javascript to call corresponding functions in your cocoa plugin, remember to override this function:

+ (BOOL)isSelectorExcludedFromWebScript:(SEL)aSelector

return NO;


this is not mentioned anywhere in the apple docs at all except for WebScripting Protocol. by default, it seems none of your functions are exported.

[UPDATE: this dashboard debugging document seems to allude to the fact you should check that function. nice that it is in a debugging document rather than the actual guide to building dashboard guide.]

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01 May 2005

ical subscriptions goodness

only just noticed this while restoring some of my ical subscriptions on my new osx installation, that apple has an index of interesting icals that (i presume) they keep up to date. too bad they are us centric, i tried looking at the apple uk site to find uk specific icals but couldn't find any.

anyway, interesting ones are things like artist tour dates, recent movie releases and dvd releases.

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01 May 2005

install macosx tiger without a dvd drive

so macosx 10.4 (tiger) now ships with dvd only. that means older machines which don't have a dvd drive can't install it without forking over a old-machines tax ($10).

here's a way to install tiger without resorting to paying more money to apple:

1. find a friend

2. check if he has a mac with a dvd drive (if not, repeat step 1.)

3. convince him/her to boot their mac into firewire target disk mode (hold down T when rebooting before you see the apple logo.)

4. connect your machine his/her machine using a firewire cable.

5. put the tiger dvd into their dvd drive.

6. boot up your non-dvd machine and hold the Option/Alt key.

7. you should see their DVD drive and install away!

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28 Apr 2005

great way to talk about nsfw things

just because you can, doesn't mean you should. one of the examples is writing a blog using qrcodes only!


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28 Apr 2005

eyedropper in real life

if you use photoshop, gimp or any other graphics program, you'll know about the ubiquitous eyedropper tool. this is the one where you can pick any spot on the screen and it'll tell you what the exact colour is you're seeing.

of course the problem is that it doesn't really work like that in real life. at least not with the eyedroppers i've used. people usually get mildly annoyed.

anyway, pantone has come up with a real life eyedropper. so for all those times that you want to hear, "i love that colour, what is it? navy blue?", you can whip out your $239 gadget and say, now its Pantone colour #13453.


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21 Apr 2005

gravity defying isight

i've been playing with the isight today, and i noticed that the icon for the firmware updater on the isight was a little strange.


notice that without the delicious green arrow there, the isight would fall over due to the lack of weight in the stand (acrylic isn't heavier than anodized aluminium)! you can see for yourself here at apple's isight quicktime vr. my guess, is that apple is shortly release a green jelly cushion for your isight.

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21 Apr 2005

osx tip: cycle through windows of a single application

i never knew this, but today i was trying to find a way to bind a shortcut key to the Zoom function, and i discovered that in the Keyboard and Mouse Preferences, there is a shortcut you can activate that cycles through all the windows in a single application. I used to use Witch to do that, but ⌘-` is much faster.


finally i can cycle thru all my subethaedit and xcode windows without resorting to expose!

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