19 Apr 2005

del.icio.us module for drupal

been hacking a little on the delicious module for drupal so that it works on older versions of PHP and also to fix may bugs and errors in the implementation. i think i've got a pretty good module now.

the autolinking feature is quite horrendous, don't know why anyone would think that would be useful. i'd like it if you could specify it explicitly in the post.


also, it is probably time for me to plug my drupal_http_request proxy patch because srcf where i host my blog doesn't allow http access without proxy. so i've had to modify drupal_http_request to check for existence of proxy servers. its a pretty neat patch, and after getting rid of file_get_contents in the del.icio.us module, i could actually use it. also, now that the minimum requirement for drupal is php 4.3 (and the debian stable host we're on is still 4.1.2), i needed PEAR::PHP_Compat to get things working!

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18 Apr 2005

safari 1.3 and mac os x 10.3.9

there are many reports about breakages with safari and java after the mac os x 10.3.9 system update, so i haven't had time to play with it. however, this looks really cool, writing plugins in safari with pyobjc!

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18 Apr 2005

dev tools: subversion and trac

i've been testing out subversion and trac recently after coming across it on colloquy's dev page (open source irc client for mac os x.)

trac is a really attractive project manager that is simple to setup and well documented. it includes a svn browser that works great out of the box, a wiki, project management and bug tracking. best of all it is written in python and works with both cgi mode and mod_python. you can get all this with a simple emerge www-apps/trac from gentoo :)

the other neat thing that i've just stuck my teeth into is subversion (svn). i've started playing around with it to setup repositories for my own open source projects, lab projects, work projects and private projects. the only hiccup i encountered was that i shouldn't use berkeley db format if my repository lives on nfs. i was wondering while svnadmin create never worked well without running db_recover. once you switch to their home grown fsfs (the filesystem), everything works perfectly.

it isn't the ultimate solution in source code management, but hell, it works well with xcode and nib files that i generate in mac os x. i can move stuff around inside a repository easily and checking code status (svn status) doesn't require network access!

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17 Apr 2005

birthday surprise!

so apparently it was my birthday a couple of days ago, and some of my friends thought it would be funny to surprise me outside my window with a cake :) thanks guys! except there were a couple of fatal flaws in the whole scheme. probably the most obvious flaw was the organiser emailing me accidentally about a surprise. you really wish there was a email recall feature, kinda like how you can fish a letter out of a postbox or blow it up if you accidentally send the letter to the wrong person :)

Just Tree Friends

i also got a really cool birthday card from a friend who photoshopped me on to steve jobs so i ended being on the cover of newsweek. plus he made a special version of the ipod silhouette ads but with characters from happy tree friends! really awesome!

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17 Apr 2005

first releasable mac app - tagencoder

i'm putting the finishing touches (drawing an icon) on my first releasable mac app. it's just a very simple drag and drop application where you can drag MP3s encoded with chinese song names (Big-5 or GB) and it will automatically convert them itunes compatible format (UTF-16). it is based on my other python module that allows you to read and write ID3 tags, pytagger.

i wrote this app partly to convert chinese mp3s i download off my friends or off the internet which are encoded in a way that is non-standard (regional) character sets to work under iTunes. also, this was a little experiment for me to play with drag and drop under mac osx.

Tagencoder Ss

tagencoder will be open sourced since i don't think i'll make money out of it, and plus, the code is in python, so you can all learn how cool pyobjc is. the whole app is probably less than 500 lines of python for the GUI. most of the code is actually in pytagger.

after the release, i'll spend some time to work on 1.1 which should make it more mac-friendly by talking about character sets in human-like way (eg. Traditional Chinese rather than Big-5) and clean up some bugs with treating encodings. pylint doesn't work on pyobjc code unfortunately, so its kinda hard to debug.

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15 Apr 2005

sn17.org back!

there seemed to be a DNS outage after i switched to granitecanyon for sn17.org's DNS needs. being further pissed off at the situation, i've moved to some other free dns providers like xname.org and everydns.net. should be back up now!

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12 Apr 2005

moving osx swap files

i have a problem with my mac. the problem is that the swap file grows dynamically, and at incrementally larger rates. for instance, the initial swap file is 200M per user, then it grows by another 200M, 400M and then 1000M (roughly). i'm not quite sure of the logic with allocating swap, but after around a couple of days of usage, (or using something that is memory intensive like omniweb or photoshop) it will start allocating the 1G blocks of swap.

i only have around 1-2G free on my main partition, and macosx stores the swap in /var/vm. so occassionally, my root partition runs out of space because of these swap files (not good)! i have another partition where i store media stuff, like videos and photos. that partition is rarely full, currently around 9G free. so i wanted to move the swap files into the media partition. apparently its not so easy, according to this on macosx.com. however, some nice people have created this thing called swap cop. it turns a script editing hell into a point and click affair! after clicking and rebooting, all is good on my root partition :D although beware, the author does not support it any more.

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12 Apr 2005

switching sn17.org

i'm switching sn17.org's DNS entry to be hosted on granitecanyon (a free public dns service) rather than on zoneedit. zoneedit wants me to pay US$10/year because i had registered more than 5 domains with it, although i only have 5 currently active. so i'm just going to move sn17.org across to something else and keep my other 5 active.

so if sn17.org goes down to disappears, please let me know.

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07 Apr 2005

what is autoupdate?

dunno what the hell this microsoft autoupdate for mac is, but from their website, it seems to be:

"This update to Microsoft AutoUpdate for Office 2004 for Mac is part of Microsoft's continued effort to provide the latest product updates to customers."

i'm glad that the update for autoupdate is committed to bringing my updates.

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06 Apr 2005

once upon a time ..

the register has a humourous article about how "improved" Windows 2003 SP1 is compared to, say, any other version of windows. the best quote is here:

At one time, this was so common it was almost funny: people installed Windows and before they could download all the latest security updates, they were already infected by a host of worms that had them actively attacking other Internet hosts. In some cases, even being behind a firewall wasn't sufficient enough protection.

That just might now be a problem of the past. SP1-integrated Windows installations will now allow you to block all inbound network connections until you finish installing the latest security updates and configure the automatic updates feature.

problem is that it is still only an option, and not a default?

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