15 Mar 2005

back and alive

it's been a while since i've posted on my blog. mainly because i've been busy with various deadlines and things happening. but now i've got through my backlog of email/news that have steadily accumulated since i went back to sydney, i'm back and ready to write crap all the time ;)

Mju-Mini-Digital-Silver-Front M

just as an update, i've updated my photos page with photos from sydney. not many photos there, but they're all taken with my new shiny silver olympus mini-mju. it actually performs a little worse than my old camera, but it looks cool and has a funky engine starting noise when you turn it on! :D

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03 Mar 2005

spam comment relief

geez .. relentless spamming from p0ker spammers have made me implement two things on my site now. one is the bayesian comment spam filter module from the drupal contributions, and the other is that anonymous comments must be approved by me. this sucks, but at least it'll hold the torrent of comment spam.

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22 Feb 2005

barasushi at sakanaya

if you go to sydney, you've got to try this japanese restaurant at crows nest called sakanaya. it's always been my favourite restaurant when i go to sydney. i especially love this dish called barasushi. it's kinda like chirasushi (what is the diff?) except that it has shredded egg on the top and a nice big piece of japanese style fried egg on the side with their shop logo printed on it. inside is sashimi (read: raw fish) of all sorts, salmon, tuna, octopus, squid, salmon roe, etc.


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22 Feb 2005

intraweb lives on!

as seen in chatswood, sydney:


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22 Feb 2005

bondi beach

for those who aren't in sydney, you can look at this real beach and weep.


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22 Feb 2005

finished half life 2

obviously the problem with owning a mac is that you don't get to play games, or if you play games they end up to be out of date when they eventually get ported to the mac.

so being in aust, and with my brother being a PC game fanatic, i tried playing half life 2 and doom 3, the two games i would really get a PC for. well, i finished half life 2 in around 4 days. the ending was disappointing, but the game was really fun. the physics engine is kick ass, the gravity gun is really cool. i love picking up buckets of paint and throwing them at zombies so they covered in white.

doom 3 was boring. the game is dark and repetitive, you just keep on fighting the same people over and over again. maybe its just because after playing half life 2, doom 3 just seemed like yet another FPS.

i'm suprised that half life 2 could be finished so quickly though, i thought they would of made it much longer!

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21 Feb 2005

mac mini!!

finally i've got a mac mini! i opted for the cheaper one and will get a stick of 512MB ram to stick into it. problem is the apple store here sells the 512MB for A$180, when i can get it down the road for A$130, and i can attempt to sell the old 256MB that was preinstalled on ebay or something.

it is really dead quiet, except for when the CD/DVD drive is in use. then its nearly as noisy as the old PC desktop. oh yeah, and there's ilife 05 on a separate DVD that comes with it. i guess the install discs were printed before ilife 05 shipped.



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20 Feb 2005

sydney update

been in sydney for around a week and a bit now. it has just started raining (apparently snowing in cambridge right now) and i just finished washing my car yesterday before the rain started >_< at least now my car is clean for another year or so until i come back to aust again. my parents don't believe in car washing, they believe in free car washes from the sky.

i've just been eating japanese and chinese food non-stop since i've come back. having lots of sushi, sashimi, fav chinese dishes, yum cha etc. i'm eating like i'm going to be living in alaska soon. although to be honest, cambridge does feel a little bit like anchorage, snowing, cold and desolate. i doubt anchorage has any good chinese food, although might have lots of fresh fish ;)

i was really close to getting a mac mini if i wasn't thwarted at the last minute by a credit card that was over the limit. there are shops selling the ipod shuffle, but most of them don't have stock until end of march. basically i plan to get a mac mini that will act as a desktop and a file server, and maybe replacing the noisy pc in the kitchen that is louder than two fridges.

also went to the gym on friday, and now my body is really sore. hadn't been to the gym for a long time now, and the first time doing some weights isn't really a good idea, i guess. on saturday i played some t3xas hold'em, ended up winning AUD$60. i'm scared that every time i mention this, i'll get an influx of comment spam on my site.

have to catch up on some news and work related things now. busy ripping the last of a couple of cd's i didn't have time for last time i came back! so will post some pics later :)

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10 Feb 2005

finally in sydney

finally back home now. driving is fun, driving feels good. spent the day recovering from jet lag, or exasperating it -- by sleeping between 2pm and 7pm. my family abandoned me for dinner tonight, so i just had a simple dinner with my sister at home. very impressed that she can cook for herself now, unlike me!

went out to have a drink (eg. coffee) with a very close friend last night. it was his birthday the next day and i managed to keep him with me until 3:30am! i must of pissed off his gf ;) god i love not having to leave a place at 11pm >_< bloody uk! had a really long chat, basically with me moaning about things and him being very patient with me. there were a few drunk people coming in a stealing our chips. had my old favourite lemon lime and bitter.

problem being back is that my mum's car is busted, so there's a car shortage at my house. if i need to go out during the day, i have to rely on the unreliable public transport. at night, i have to wait for them to come back with the car so i can steal it! it felt so good driving again. i didn't realised how much i missed it, especially when the road is completely empty, at like 3am in the morning.

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10 Feb 2005

beware of noisy feet?

i can't figure out what this warning is trying to warn me about. seems like we should beware of stepping between two highlighters if your leg is emitting some sort of lightning.


seen at mong kok KCR station.

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