03 Jan 2005

xmas/nye update

23rd december 2004

henry (my housemate) and i organised a small christmas dinner party on the 23rd that went out of control -- out of control in that we prepared for 8-10 ppl, and 19 ppl turned up >_< but thats alright, there was plenty to eat despite henry's consistent nagging about not having enough food.

we also had a gift exchange under £5. i think i easily had the best present ever. here is a picture of it.


more pics available from my new and improved experimental photo album.

24th december 2004

henry and i spent the day cleaning up the house, ok, actually i spent the day cleaning up the house and henry came back to cook me dinner like a good single mother would. manfred and carmen came all the way from london to spend some quality time together (with/without us.) they bought us twister so that we can embarass people with an excuse next time we have a party.

25th december 2004

i discovered that the couch was quite a nice place the sleep. we ended up watching 3 movies, played twister and basically making a fool of ourselves. if you want to see the pics, you'll have to buy us a game next time you come and see us. we also installed our first "collaborative art installation" in our house. it consists of 2 rulers up one of the walls, and everyone who comes to our house has to have their height recorded and they get to exercise their origami skills and blu-tac-fu.


we have a wonderful dinner involving sweet corn and fish! hurray for henry! btw, we watched house of flying daggers -- very good movie, if you enjoyed hero, you'd enjoy this too.

26th december 2004

muhahaha .. manfred and carmen were stuck in cambridge because in UK, trains don't run on 25th/26th! what kind of country is this? geeez .. they buy us pizza in return for a bed to stay another night. i complete my hat-trick of couch sleeping. we end up watching the last samurai in an unbelievable tale where maverick goes and seduces the wife of another samurai who he killed.

31st december 2004

had a small hotpot with 4 ppl -- end up playing monopoly where i win! my 2004 new years resolution of winning a game of monopoly was completed 15 minutes before 12am. was actually quite subdued affair, ended up surviving till quite late.

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24 Dec 2004

merry christmas!

even though i do not really understand the full meaning of christmas (the tree bit or the santa bit), i have a special present for all those who are reading this. i've fixed my site after some odd session/mysql corruption that was happening on the server this site is hosted on. and then after that, i managed to compound the problem by updating to the latest drupal CVS.

but now its back, and you can read about random rants from me!

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17 Dec 2004

yahoo! video! search!

finally, someone has beaten google at searching for dodgy content! yahoo pulls one back against google. current score is 40 - 1.

yahoo video search.

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16 Dec 2004

powerbook battery coming back to life

so mac os x 10.3.7 was released yesterday, and i updated it immediately to see if they (secretly) fixed the 12" battery drain problem. nothing in the release notes suggested they did anything about it. but last night after rebooting into 10.3.7, i discharged my battery, and to my surprise, it actually stayed up for over an hour with wireless on! previously it only managed around 20 minutes. (even though it was 0% charge for nearly an hour.)

on my second draining cycle, it stayed up for a little longer, but it seems like my battery is usable! i'm going to go through a couple more charge/discharge cycles and see if it improves any further. either way, if it stays at only around an hour's charge, i'm going to need a new battery anyway.

so it is looking more and more like 10.3.6 is the culprit affecting 12" PowerBook G4's battery/PMU. teresa's powerbook has also been exhibiting strange behaviour when she had wireless turned on.

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15 Dec 2004

.jobs domain names

according to this story, we're going to see .jobs and .mobi top level domain names. btw, who gets to decide these stupid names? how about .arrrrr for pirates (both conventional and internet), and .pie for people who love pie, not to be confused with .pi that is reserved for maths related sites.

i already know what domain i'm going to register immediately when that comes around. it starts with B and rhymes with glow.

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13 Dec 2004

powerbook battery life sucking

i initially thought it was something to do with my powerbookbattery dying on me prematurely. i've only had this for a year, and its been giving me quite consistent 2-3 hour battery life, but recently, my battery life has dropped to around 30 minutes. i was resigning to the fact that maybe my battery has died a horrible death, coz i have it plugged in so much and not doing the discharge recharge cycles. crap, my warranty just ran out as well!

but actually taking a look at the forums, it seems to be that many people are experiencing this?

also there's some analysis of powerbook batteries here, and even suggestions of resetting the PMU in a desperate attempt to gain any sort of usage out if it. is it because i play too much quake? :(

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13 Dec 2004

apple's 60" monitor setup

well, went down to london on saturday to do two things, go to the new apple store in london and to have dinner and karaoke in chinatown. so let's start off with the apple store. it's huge and looks awesome. actually the design is very much like the one in new york, in that its inside an old building so it doesn't have the trademark silvery/powerbook finish externally. inside it's like a sea of white, with black minions roaming around to do your bidding and answering your questions.


i specifically had two things in mind that i wanted to see, the 30" apple HD cinema display and the ipod photo. things that also caught my eye were the ipod speaker docks and the imacs. the imacs are incredibly good looking, yet, i still prefer the old swivel base imac for some reason. that old one looks more cute, this one looks a little bland and boring. the ipod speaker docks were a surprise to me, because of how well they performed and how seamless they looked. all you did was plug them in and it'd automatically continue the song where you left off. the delay between plugging it in and playing was nearly zero.

so the ipod photo was extremely neat. the scrollwheel and pictures combination is very cool. the thing is really as fast as what you'd expect. you can basically scrollwheel thru like a 100 picture collection in 2 seconds. this not compelling enough to buy the ipod yet, given the price, and the state of my bank account!

the apple 30" cinema display is amazing. the display is bigger than anything i've seen, in fact, i don't think my family has ever owned a TV that was bigger than it. the crazy things people were running on it were things like virtual pc (what??) and ichat which took around like 3% of the screen. the dock looked amazingly small and compact on this screen.

so what more do you think you could do with a 30" display that needs 2 graphics cards to power it? MAKE A DUAL MONITOR DISPLAY!


this crazy really needs to be seen to be believed. in fact, i think there is a warning that you may sustain neck injury when using this.

i ended up spending around an hour and a half there just drooling over hardware. i managed to freeze one of the G5's that was running motion by added three particle behaviours to a project. not a good start to convincing me that i need a G5.

karaoke (or k) was good. it was somewhere in chinatown, inside some restaurant on the 4th floor. so the cool thing with this system is that all the MTVs are actually stored in a desktop that is connected to 2-3 pieces of audio/visual hardware. so instead of having either a huge disc changer (which is how they did it three or four years ago), every room has its own autonomous MTV server. an industrious person could probably go in an copy all their MTVs before they know it ;) if my powerbook battery life didn't suck balls, i would of done that (it's a totally different story.)


that screen was not as impressive as the dual 30" apple cinema display, but had a great viewing angle. and this one, i really did sustain neck injury using it.

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13 Dec 2004

lack of updates recently

to the avid loser^W reader who reads this, you would've noticed a drop in bludging recently. that's because i've been working on some macosx development recently and it's been eating up most of my spare time. the time which i use to aimlessly browse the net for things that will suspend my disbelief every now and then.

anyway, hopefully before christmas i should be back to my normal (non-)work ethic.

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08 Dec 2004

texas hold'em poker sweeping the states

this game has more chance of entering the olympics than chess. actually, its quite fun, if you don't lose. the cool thing is more than 4 can play at a time, compared to say mahjong or big 2, etc.

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03 Dec 2004

raw fish sushi now ok in ontario?

in other news, sushi was banned in ontario?

well, hell, licking people's boots was also banned under the same legislation. middle managers are said to be lobbying to get that law repealed.

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