03 Dec 2004

crazy hours

w00t! that is so accurate!


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01 Dec 2004

politically incorrect toothpaste

Came across this today while slacking off. It's about the old Darkie toothpaste that got renamed some time in the 80s. I remember it was a big deal then, and Darlie toothpaste never tasted the same as Darkie ;) I didn't realised the reason they did it was due to a HK company being bought out by Colgate!

Who would of thought that toothpaste could be politically incorrect?

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30 Nov 2004

cl welcomes me with open arms

as part of the restructuring process to get the LCE out of intellectual bankruptcy proceedings, we've accepted a merger with the cash-laden computer laboratory. as part of the deal, we get to become computer scientist and in return, their sysadmins can get us to bend over.

today i was issued with an incredible set of randomly generated vowel free passwords which i had to type into various computers. with pockets of resistance like SN17, i've had to venture out of my well insulated quake cocoon to the dark side of CL window(s) machine. first off, the default installation doesn't have a decent web browser installed. by decent web browser, i mean firefox.

after i worked passed the password prompt and the fact that i'm using a 2 year old browser, i was able to decided to go to the CL webpage to figure out which public general access ssh server i could log into to change my unix password. it turns out to access that confidential(!) information, you have to have a WWW password, which i do not have. Bizzare thing is that:

1. i can only access the local pages from the CL network

2. i was inside the cozy CL network, but still needed a password ??

so apparently, in order to get a www password, i need to have ssh access into one of their unix boxen. but without the ability to figure out which unix box i should log in to, i was caught in a circular dependency.

so, of course, being athletic and all, i walked a whole 10 metres to our resident interface to the complex jungle of red-tape, and was able to su into my account via his machine. after changing my password like a good computer user, we then figured i would like to change my WWW password as well. but for some bizzare quirk in programming eliteness, no matter what we tried (su, su -, etc), it insisted that i was not logged in as myself. nothing in my environment vars or the output of 'whoami' could tell me why this set-www-passwd thinks i am not who is logged in. i think it is all to do with context-aware computing. it's evil i say! or it could just be that they belong to the thedailywtf.

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22 Nov 2004

newsflash! lazy gene found!

let me say now that the lazy gene has a high concentration within SN17.

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21 Nov 2004

celebrating a birthday

look at these non-incriminating photos from anil's birthday on friday:


anil is trying to convince me about the dangers of alcohol.


he then demonstrates by down-ing a pint of water.


blue andy checks his beer with his phone, the level of alcohol is not sufficient to drown his phone in sorrow.


the other (canadian) andy inspired by such reliably phone handling also tries caressing his phone to produce free beer. blue andy prefers his beer shaken, not stirred.

(other photos censored for your safety.)

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21 Nov 2004

llama, shibuya and some wholesome design

it is great that llama's get the respect that they deserve. (some non-geeks will not get this, but hey, if you're reading this, you'll probably find the word llama funny anyway.)

gizmodo does shibuya (one of the many cool areas in tokyo), and finds out that love jam has made it to the second album! of course, for something serious, epson combines rfid and eink into a pricing monster!

Love  Jam

mocoloco has the summary of a cool designer called karim rashid:

Offect Orgy Nov 04


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21 Nov 2004

wal-mart has more data than the internet?

from this new york times article about wal-mart tracking sales (say, similar to the nectar card in uk) to stock more items (read: non-evil uses):

By its own count, Wal-Mart has 460 terabytes of data stored on Teradata mainframes, made by NCR, at its Bentonville headquarters. To put that in perspective, the Internet has less than half as much data, according to experts."

there are some fatal flaws in this paragraph. firstly, 460 terabytes of data can mean anything. what is it of? barcodes? security camera footage? pr0n? i mean, have these people looked at how much "data" is on p2p networks. which leads me to the second point here, which EXPERTS have deemed that internet has half as much data? what does that even mean? are the EXPERTS saying that the internet has 230 terabyte of data? like, for instance enough data to fill 55,000 DVDs? how have they arrived at this figure? but web crawling? by asking google. how much data is accessible without a webpage? like p2p networks (again!) and images/data hidden behind uncrawlable databases. i would like to meet these EXPERTS.

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21 Nov 2004

looking for a microwave

just moved into our new place in sherlock close on saturday! some pics will come later, but i was looking for a microwave on ucam.adverts.forsale. found a couple of microwaves for sale, but have to contact them to see if they're still avail.

interesting fact tho, there's a book on reliability engineering. you can engineer reliability? i think i should ask andy rice about this!

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19 Nov 2004

early snow for cambridge

it snowed for a couple of hours in cambridge last night. i was lucky enough to be cycling in it. oh fun! it looks more fun in the photo that it actually was. kinda early for snow, i guess thats the effect of global cooling.


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19 Nov 2004

bikes for rice boys

well, they say cambridge is a geeky town. and what geeky town is without their sub-woofer blasting, noisy exhaust pumping neon light sporting rice boys? well, on wednesday night, i spotted this interesting neon lights mod to a bike right outside the computer lab.


i don't know if it was done for safety reasons or just because of the infectious rice boy virus that's going around cambridge. oh, sorry, that was the mumps.

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