30 Oct 2004

terrifying ordeal!

dave's blog covers the terrible ordeal (with pictures) of using windows xp at a fanatical openbsd hacker's house. if i recall the conversation correctly, it was "if you talk about emerge and portage again and how it kicks openbsd's ass, i will force you to use windows xp and write your programs in microsoft word, WITH CLIPPY TURNED ON!"

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28 Oct 2004

definition of irony?

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Irony \I"ron*y\, a. [From {Iron}.]

1. Made or consisting of iron; partaking of iron; iron; as,

irony chains; irony particles. [R.]

mmm .. irony particles. hey, you're hair is so irony. i think i have irony in my system. lets go for a better definition:

2: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually

occurs; "the irony of Ireland's copying the nation she

most hated"

now consider this:

go to google, search for
forgot nt password, go to the top site, then look at the top free tools there.

they are all linux bootdisks. is that the definition of irony?

PS. don't click on the ebcd link there if you are using safari or omniweb!

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25 Oct 2004

the mystery of 1Mbit/s bluetooth

so it has been often touted that bluetooth can get up to 768kbit/s data rate (1Mbit symbol rate). but actually in practice, you'll find that OBEX transfers only get up to 16-20KByte/s (eg. 120~160kbit/s). it seems like the CSR chipset's spec sheet states that you can get a RFCOMM data rate of only up to 350kbit/s. so even that doesn't explain why the transfer rate we actually see is nearly half as slow. is it that the nokia's bluetooth stack doesn't even get up to 350kbit/s?

what is even worse, on OBEX transfer between a CSR and Broadcom dongle is even slower! someday i'm going to do a proper benchmark of all this crap.

(correction: i just made a simple patch against gnome-bluetooth-0.5.1 that displays the transfer rate during the transfer, and actually, Broadcom to CSR achieves a sustained transfer of 25KB/s, Broadcom to Nokia is around 17KB/s, and Broadcom to Apple Powerbook is a disappointing 7-9KB/s plus random drop out after transferring ~90KB!?)


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22 Oct 2004

colloquy for osx now does silc!

the latest 2.0 beta from colloquy, an open source irc client (with style), has just released a version with preliminary silc support!! obligatory screenshot:


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22 Oct 2004


this is so wrong. hopefully no one reads this blog.


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21 Oct 2004

experiences with thunderbird on osx

i've tried to give thunderbird a spin on the mac for the last 2 days, but i'm going to go back to apple mail. thunderbird is a nice client, and i'm going to continue to use it as a newsgroup reader, but for mail, it still needs a bit of work. observations:

1. it doesn't scan all the IMAP folders on the server for new email. this is particularly annoying when all my filters are server-side and i have to click thru every folder to see if there's new mail.

2. their threading is nice, but i can't figure out where to enable threaded view globally.

3. their preferences dialog really needs a bit of love, pressing the advance button shouldn't cause the thing to zoom in and out, it just annoys me. also, fonts on each panel seems different. the accounts panel should be in the preferences, not in a separate menu.

4. when replying, it puts the cursor on the bottom of the email to encourage bottom-replying.

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21 Oct 2004

japanese phone maker combined bluetooth and gps

kddi seems to have tried to employ bluetooth to replace gps (gosh!) indoors. the idea is that you put bluetooth beacons which beam maps of the area you are in to you. i guess then what happens is that using proximity, and the fact we know where the bluetooth beacon is, therefore you can be able to "guess" where you are.

not sure how reliable that is, i guess this thing we're working on about bluetooth signal stregth measurements might let us know.


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