03 Mar 2004

rfid money blowing = fraud?

seems like this sensationalism story about rfid tags blowing up money in a microwave is all bullshit from these boingboing.net comments.

of course, the golden rule of the internet is, if its on the internet, it must be true.

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27 Feb 2004

orkut == geekster

orkut is this experimental social networking site from google. its actually really weird in that i'm afraid to invite non-geeks. actually, its cool in that it is by invitation only, so people are genuinely connected.

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25 Feb 2004

omniORBpy on MacOSX

i've been trying tonight to get omniORB and omniORBpy to compile and run under macosx. it seems like i'm not the first one to run into problems, curioiusly though, i seem to be getting linking problems which i fixed myself by adding this patch to both omniORBpy and omniORB makefiles:

--- mk/beforeauto.mk.in Wed Aug 6 23:33:17 2003
+++ mk/beforeauto.mk.in Tue Feb 24 20:53:29 2004
@@ -944,9 +944,12 @@
SharedLibrarySoNameTemplate = lib$$1$$2.$$3.$(SHAREDLIB_SUFFIX)
SharedLibraryLibNameTemplate = lib$$1$$2.$(SHAREDLIB_SUFFIX)
SharedLibraryPlatformLinkFlagsTemplate = -dynamiclib -flat_namespace \
- -undefined suppress
+ -undefined suppress \
+ -install_name $(INSTALLLIBDIR)/$(SharedLibraryLibNameTemplate) \
+ -compatibility_version $$2.$$3 \
+ -current_version $$2.$$3.$$4

to the seriously screwed up make system. although i'm still running into segfaults and double free problems documented in this post here to the omniorb-list. bah, no spyrit for me on my powerbook!

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24 Feb 2004

range of bluetooth on my powerbook g4

i did a very simple experiment today using the bat system (in our lab) and a python script i wrote to use as a freespace through wall ruler.

the results show that my powerbook g4, coupled with my nokia 7650 has a bluetooth reception range of 6-7metres. that is in a normal office environment with plaster walls and in the presences of a 802.11g wireless access point in the vicinity. i'm not sure whether the access point affects it or not though.

so it seems like the bluetooth reception is not particular impressive, probably not using the alleged antenna around the monitor. i think thats exclusively used for 802.11* cards.

just some random experiment i did which i thought would be interesting. i might try getting usb bluetooth dongle and see how the range on that is. it alleges to get 40m range, which i'm quite suprised, and never tested.

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19 Feb 2004

finally, tabbed terms for macosx

finally, i found iTerm which does tabbed terminal windows like gnome-terminal, kterm, etc. the interface isn't as slick as gnome-terminal but it'll do the trick for now.

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19 Feb 2004

coke and japan in beer conspiracy

in an attempt to destablise the world wide beer market, coke and japan have joined forces to make a product thats called beer but has less than 0.1% alcohol!


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18 Feb 2004

battle of the searches

i rule yahoo's search (taking 9 out of the first 10 results!) and however, i'm not the first in google's search where my official website comes in around 7th and my gentoo page comes in at 2nd behind liquidx.dj. i hate that dj! actually, to be honest, i haven't heard any of his stuff, so i don't know. but i hate him because he's got the top spot.

searches for "Alastair Tse" don't return any meaningful results though. maybe i should start linking to myself using the name "Alastair Tse" most of yahoo's results come from gentoo's bugzilla and gentoo mirrors.

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16 Feb 2004

i know jack

no, i don't know mr. daniels.

i mean i know jack shit. thats what i feel like right now. it feels like i only know how to listen but don't know how to make judgements. makes me feel rather useless. i'm sure i'll find my groove, but it seems i'm never opinionated. i don't take strong sides on issues. maybe thats a good thing, because it makes me more open-minded, or maybe its a bad thing because it means i never make a stand or seem like i truely believe in what i'm doing.

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14 Feb 2004

major annoyance with nokia 7650

uploading photos via bluetooth is a pain because i have to click on each one seperately to upload. moreover, 1 out of 5 times, the bluetooth connection fails. each transfer takes about 10 seconds. it is so painful to do.

geeky reason: its because the phone doesn't support the OBEX FTP profile. if it did, then my powerbook could see all the photos on the phone and just bulk transfer them. instead, i have to waste half an hour sitting here pressing buttons!

at least have a function where i can bulk transfer photos!

(update!! oops. i found that you can do it by marking all photos and then sending them all at once. however you still can't mark groups of photos easily.)

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14 Feb 2004

microsoft mouse drivers for mac sucks

whatever you do, don't install the microsoft mouse drivers for macosx. they suck ass and make your mouse all screwy and unresponsive! and also disable middle clicking in safari.

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